Hey There >> A series of mini notes

Nov 2, 2016

A hodge podge of mini notes to miscellaneous things/people/days/whatevers.

Hey there, October 
you sure made for a stellar month. Tail-end of my Portland trip, Birthday festivities, road trips, Fall, seasonal beer, all of it!

Hey there, iced coffee
I don't plan to quit you anytime soon. I just can't..maybeee I will when I'm wearing gloves.

Hey there, Three Sheep Shack
I enjoy you as a creative outlet and my Momma is still enjoying all of her crafting and crocheting. New items to hit soon.

Hey there, Fall leaves
I am constantly in awe of your beauty. I love when I'm driving and spot an extra colorful patch of trees. You have a lot of pretty scenery outside my window at work too.

Hey there, cake pops
why can I not seem to get enough of you? The mummy ones at Starbucks are adorable..curious to see if there is a Thanksgiving one that comes along too.

Hey there, adult coloring books
I'm still a mega-fan. Especially when they are inappropriate like this -- thanks again, Emily! Can't wait to spend some chilly Winter nights inside coloring with wine in hand.

Hey there, Loft
your weekly / monthly horoscopes are my favorite. Makes for a solid addition to the site, because naturally I peruse new items each time I head there.

Hey there, baby boy clothes
umm you are SO fun to purchase. How fun are these "animal prints" I came across for a shower! My favorite is the oatmeal colored one with animal tracks (similar style).

Hey there, gratitude journal
I'm over due for getting back into the habit of creating entries. This is such a neat thing to look back on and November seems like the perfect month to get back at it.

Hey there, Dunkin Donuts
I am so happy that you opened a new spot by my office. Makes it so very easy to use my year of free coffee that I won.

Hey there, Snap Chat filters
I liked all of your Halloween filters (ok, some are animals but could be Halloween costumes)

Hey there, gobstoppers
I almost forgot about you until I came across you in the cauldron of candy my office building set out. My how I was happy to stumble back upon you.

Hey there, 2016
wow, you have cruised by.

Hey there, 5 to Try posts
I still need to get a November one drafted. I think May might have been my favorite thus far.


  1. I love that coloring book lol! I can't quit iced coffee either. The Dunkin Donuts here always has a sale where it's 99 cents all of January because who wants iced coffee in January? Me, that's who. I get it every day!

    1. I am the exact same way with coffee. I rarely drink it warm.


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