Thanksgiving - Tablescapes, Outfits and Hostess Gifts

Nov 21, 2016

Thanksgiving is upon us! My favorite component (outside of food + family time) - Tablescapes! A few of the looks inspiring me this holiday are below >>

Tablescapes >>

1 // 2 // 3

Outfits >>

+ Black + Blush
I always love blush as a Winter neutral, so this look by Living in Yellow is a win. Now I want her black top even though I told myself I do not need anything new.

+ Duster + Boots by Southern Culrs & Pearls
I may go with this kind of look and add in my new over the knee boots.

+ I love this packing list via Putting Me Together. While I don't travel far, I still pack up a bag for a weekend away. I generally pack a few things (similar pieces to these) that I can mix and match. I like this visual for when I'm packing though. You can see all of the outfits she created with the items here.

Hostess Gifts >>

+ Crochet Wine Bottle Holder + a bottle of your favorite wine

+ Mason Jar + Autumn Florals

I hope you all enjoy your holiday!


  1. I just bought the DV over the knee boots, love them!! And I have that olive cardigan that Catilin is wearing so definitely see that as a cute outfit!

    1. Oh fun! Mine arrived yesterday. Great quality for that price!


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