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Nov 18, 2016

Hey Friday! This was a productive week and next week is a short one (Thanksgiving, yay!). I'm heading to an out of town wedding this weekend and looking forward to it! I'm popping in to share what I'm digging this week and what I've been clicking around the web.

+ Plaid Bows :: How cute is this local shop? -- Sweet BABES Bridgeman
I'm ordering myself this plaid bow.

+ Hair :: More layers & a fresh trim! I got a cut and this was my inspiration pic to add a bit of extra volume for the holiday season. It has so much more volume!

+ Pumpkin Donuts :: I'm whipping out the pumpkin baking mix from Trader Joe's again and this time making some donuts to take into the office.

+ Instagram - Three Sheep Shack :: This time of year is certainly the busy season in our Etsy shop. I spend more time on that account that my blog one, so if you'd like to follow along, here's a peek at what you would find.

+ Over The Knee Boots :: I've been a fan of this trend for a season or two but have never found a pair that seem right on me. I've also always been worried I wouldn't get the right cost per wear out of them. All of that changed when I found a pair at Target this week (exact)..and the kicker is that they are an extra 25% off online (code: SHOES). I tried them on in-store, debated, and then saw the additional sale online, so they are on the way to my doorstep now. I love the idea of keeping the look simple, like below, and letting the boots dress up the outfit a bit. I'm hoping they come before Thanksgiving!



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+ A nutritionist weighs in on the Starbucks' menu - I always go iced coffee with nonfat milk, so I was glad to see that made the list..granted sometimes I use sweetener
+ Did you know :: That even if you don't have any deal sin your Cartwheel app you should still scan it because you earn points on dollars spent? I had NO idea!
+ I keep updating my Item Audit post to include more things I'm riding of my belongings
+ I feel like poor old Thanksgiving gets more and more neglected every year by the retail industry. The Thanksgiving Blend at Starbucks is already gone and replaced by Christmas blend and I could not find any good Thanksgiving napkins/table items at Michael's or Target.
+ I'm printing this coloring page for a girl's get together next week from my 5 to Try- November post
+ I have a new blanket scarf & an old one, and I am always looking for new ways to tie them because I never do anything special. So, I've been pinning a lot of blanket scarves looks as of late.
+ A look at last year's November line-up 
+ I got these ear jackets from J.Crew Factory and they are on sale for $11! Such a steal!

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  1. Those bows are adorable! Love that cut - bet it looks great on you! Kind of obsessed with those over the knee boots. Sounds like a steal at Target. Which - no clue that you can still earn points even if you don't have a Cartwheel App deal. Definitely doing that next time I go!


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