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Dec 20, 2016

One of my 2016 Intentions was to Embrace Missouri (dubbed #EmbraceMO). I gave an update of where things stood back in March and wanted to follow up and log where I ended at for the year.

My Game Plan = try at least
++ 6 new coffee shops
++ 6 new eats
++ 6 new breweries
(new to me*)

6 new coffee shops
- Comet Coffee (a great morning treat)
Companion West Campus

6 new breweries
- Bat Creek Brewery (mentioned here)
- Standard Brewing
- Friendship Brewing (mentioned here)
- Mark Twain Brewery (mentioned here)
- Modern Brewery

6 new eats
- Old Standard Fried Chicken (have since closed)
- Melt (have since closed)
- Retreat Gastropub
- Copper Pig
- Revel
- Bradden's
- The Crossing 
- Byrd & Barrel
- Slider House
- Cafe Osage

Clearly I succeeded the most in the eats category, where the breweries and coffee shops came up short. All in all there were lots of new (to me) local spots visited and I liked each of them and would recommend visiting them if you're local or happen to be in town.

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  1. I need to try all those restaurants!!! The only one I have been to on that list was Old Standard.


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