Weekend Vibes - Christmas Gatherings Begin

Dec 19, 2016

Hey all! This weekend was one with ever changing plans due to mother nature. The St. Louis area got hit with some unexpected ice on Friday and with the temps at a high in single digits it stuck around most of the weekend. I was supposed to have one of my family's Christmas gatherings on Saturday but now that is re-scheduled for January - My January is now already completely booked up weekend wise- planning & celebrating the boyfriend's 30th - bridesmaid dress shopping - re-scheduled Christmas gathering - Nashville trip -

I spent Friday and Saturday mostly indoors. Then on Sunday I had a Christmas gathering with the boyfriend's family. Tasty food, games and I came home with a new handmade sugar scrub. I love all the extra family & friend time during the holidays. We have at least 4 more gatherings to attend for Christmas and I wouldn't change a thing. Luckily everything we have isn't spread out far at all and doesn't fall on the same days.

In other news, I have yet to wrap any Christmas gifts, so that will be my main focus tonight. I am pretty well done on gift buying. Going to snag a few more stocking stuffers & gift cards but that's it. I haven't done much in the way of Christmas decor this year. The tree is up and has lights but that is it. I pulled out a few things and an evergreen candle but I haven't had (or made) the time to do much more this year, and that's okay by me. It feels like a really short season with Christmas falling on a weekend.

Picture above -- bundled in my cozy scarf from Three Sheep Shack //  dropping by Joy's Collective Market to re-fill our retail space and there is so much merriment there! // a co-worker gifted me this toffee and it is so good! the jar is enough to last month's, dangerous


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