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Dec 16, 2016

2016 is winding down and the holiday histle is in full swing. I have two family Christmas events to attend this weekend and my car is loaded with appetizers, festive cocktails, gifts and warm layers. We have temp highs in the teens and lows int he single digits here in the St. Louis area this weekend. Brrrr. Now on to some of my happenings and favorite things for the week --

-- Nashville :: The trip is officially booked and I am so excited! The boy and I decided to book a trip instead of exchanging birthday gifts and wanted to wait until after the holidays. We have each only been once and it was with a large group so we are both excited to explore the city with our own agenda's in mind. Any suggestions are welcomed!!

-- Joy Farmhouse Print :: Each year my mom & I select a work for the new year. 2016 was Joy. I bought us each this print and am gifting hers to her for Christmas.

-- Lily Dawson Designs :: I added this necklace and this necklace to my holiday list. She is a MO designer and is so talented! Following her on Instagram is dangerous for the pocketbook.

-- Cranberry Sparkling Wine :: This Trader Joe's wine is affordable & tasty! Makes for an easy hostess gift or an addition to a festive cocktail.

I hope your weekend is full of merry making!

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