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Feb 10, 2017

I have a half day at work (I feel like I say this a lot - yay work!) today for a celebration- Other than that I don't have much on the docket for the weekend. I think me and the boy may do a Valentine's dinner out this weekend to beat the rush on the day-of, nothing set in stone there. Hoping for a low-key weekend, because it's been a bit since I have had a weekend that wasn't jam-packed with plans. Now that we've covered that, let's get on to this week's best things from my eyes >>>

Best cake spread
If this doesn't make you want to go collect cake stands and bake pretty cakes, I don't know what will.

Best home purchases 
I finally purchased the lamp below for my living room. I had been eyeing it forever, and my February goal is to style my living room, so I pulled the trigger. I recently bought this lamp for my bedroom and assembled it this week too. I have my eyes on this gold/mirror chevron decor piece. I hung this new mail holder in my kitchen and some shelves in my guest bedroom too. Progress!

Best desk DIY - rose gold + marble

Best look at my bathroom re-fresh 
I know I talked about this shower curtain last week, and here I am jabbering about it again. It's up and I love it. Makes such a fun impact on my bathroom.

Best GIRLS life lessons article  
I heart Thought Catalog. A few favorites from this article are ::
  • "At some point you just have to get rid of FOMO."
  •  "Sometimes you owe it to yourself to put your needs first."
  • "There is no age at which our lives magically figure themselves out."
Best weekly finds - Valentine gift edition >>


  1. You get more half days than anyone I know! Jealous. Sounds like you're making a lot of progress on your house decor. Eager to see it all in person!

    1. I know, we do get a lot of half days for Friday - no complaints here. Yes, we need a girls night soon!

  2. I'm obsessed with that shower curtain! Love the shelving in your bathroom too, it looks like such a great space. I love low-key weekends where you have no plans and can decide what you want to do in the moment, even if it's just relaxing with netflix the entire time!

    1. Thanks, I'm digging the re-fresh on the space too. Yes, flying by the seat of your pants on weekends is a win.

  3. Love the shower curtain! 'Naked cakes' are very popular right now!


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