Sunday Sayings [and more]

Mar 12, 2017

wise words & little things I'm loving -
  • Big Little Lies -- 1. it's great 2. the soundtrack! I love little Chloe and her music interest in the show. I have River by Leon Bridges on repeat more often that not due to this show.
  • One of my cousins is wedding planning & recently started a blog to document this chapter of her story as well as document her soon to be life as a military wife..check out her blog here.
  • My happiness lists - this week :: list the things that made you happy as a child. Mine -- playing outside, bike riding, reading, cousin sleepovers, and on and on.
  • Another weekend is wrapping up and I am again feeling completely content. This weekend I finally didn't have any real social commitments - My cattleman and I kept it low-key with lots of lounging, some eating out and we even popped into a casino for a bit -- I won $75 on penny slots! I spent through some of the winnings but walked out happy & profitable!
  • She Reads Truth Lent posts

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