A Farm Wedding

May 24, 2017

This past weekend we had a wedding to attend for the Cattleman's cousin. It was on his aunt and uncle's farm, the groom's parents. And boy oh boy was it a stunner. It was like the Hamptons version of a farm wedding. The tent they put up reminded me of a circus tent, it was 7000 sq feet. There were 3 different forms of music..an acoustic duo for the cocktail hour, a live band from Nashville, and then a DJ that went on during band breaks and after the band. We had sooo much fun dancing the night away. I feel very fortunate to be dating a guy who has such a fun, genuine family.

Here are a few images from the evening --

A view of the tent from the cocktail hour area. See, it's massive!

The area where they set up the cocktail hour. Their horse barn made for the perfect backdrop.

Me and my Cattleman. He makes for a handsome & fun plus one!

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