Things to Do in the Indiana Dunes - Trip Prep

May 25, 2017

The Cattleman and I are spending our long holiday weekend in Indiana and plan to spend a lot of time at the Indiana Dunes. I've been to beaches in Michigan before and this will be our first time to the Indiana Dunes. We learned about the dunes from a friend and liked the idea of being able to get to a beach that wasn't too far away. We plan to spend our time hiking, beaching, kayaking, beach front dining, you name it. I discovered the Dig the Dunes social media platform and website and it's been very useful for finding some top things to do while there!

Places TO SIP in the Indiana Dunes

+ Dagger Mountain Roastery  (above)
+ Hunter's Brewing
+ Shoreline Brewery
+ Tiger Lily Cafe
+ Lakeshore Coffee 
- 10 best coffee shops to hit 

Places TO EAT in the Indiana Dunes

+ Fire and Water (above)
+ 100 Washington 
+ Matey's (live music!)
+ Craft House 
+ Food Truck Event 
this post has 25 top patios

Places TO HIKE in the Indiana Dunes

+ Heron Rookery
+ Cowles Bog 
- this post talks about where to hike and "refuel" after
- a post of all the trails  [I'm thinking the Porter County ones will suit us best]
see more great images >> #digthedunes

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