One year with my Cattleman

May 29, 2017

Today my Cattleman & I are celebrating 365 days since our first date. I thought today would be the perfect time to share a few tidbits about Danny, aka the Cattleman.

+ First date :: Ice Cream on the Dairy Queen patio
We had tried to set something up a few times prior, and this "date" was very last minute and low key. I came from doing garden work at my parents and he came straight from checking cattle at his farm. We sat on the patio chatting for about 3 hours, long after our ice cream had melted.

Danny Tidbits
+ He grew up on a farm and is extremely proud of these roots.
+ He is now growing his own farm operation (on the side)- He bought land (actually in my hometown) and him and his brothers have a herd of cattle together.
+ He's not really into social media, so when I eventually starting posting pictures of us, I made a hashtag (#CattlemanDanny) for him so that I could "tag" him in my pictures. Little did I know this would catch like wildfire. Now it's become a joke and his family and friends have all started referring to him as this as well. His Mom even had a farmhouse picture made that includes it on there.
+ He's the opposite of lazy - All of his farm responsibilities often mean very little free time for Danny (especially since it's what he does in his "down" time) but he never complains and enjoys spending his time outdoors, on the farm.
+ He is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.
+ His drink of choice is Mountain Dew [with milk being a close second]
+ He won't eat asparagus or meat-free meals.
+ He's far more open-minded to adventures and new things than I would have expected, he is a country boy after all.
+ He lives for Summer and loves county fair season.
+ He's on a livestock committee for one fair and assists kids that bring cattle to the fair to show. He's a ringman on show night. [Ha!]
+ He's on the board for a Cattleman group and helps runs a Beef stand at a different fair. [this means free burgers and beer for me]
+ He has a deep singing voice, and I enjoy listening to him use it.
+ He does not concern himself with what others may think, which I admire.
[I think that's enough for now, yes?]

We took a quick trip to the Indiana Dunes to celebrate our anniversary and have a mini-vacation. I hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend!


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