2017 - Halfway Point

Jun 20, 2017

We've hit the halfway point for 2017, friends. Last year I made a 2016 - Halfway Point post and wanted to repeat that concept again in 2017.

This time last year ::
 + I was nearing the one year mark in my home
+I was just getting to know the Cattleman and going on some first dates
+ I was looking forward to a trip to Portland (I still plan to recap that) and a week at the Lake of the Ozarks
+ I was celebrating Father's Day & my Dad's birthday for the first time without him

This time this year ::
+ I'm nearing the 2 year anniversary of being in my home, continue to make  progress on settling in and one of my cousins is planning to move into my finished basement for a bit.
+ I'm past the one-year mark with my Cattleman
+ I booked a trip to Mexico to celebrate my 30th
+ I have lots of wedding festivities on the books for two of my best gal pals getting married this Fall
+ I'm assessing my 2017 Intentions (falling behind on the recipe front) & my Year 29 goals (this month I am resetting my investments)

To accomplish in the next 6 months ::
+ investing more strategically (and maybe in a new car)
+ brew beer
+create a home office and more efficient storage
+give myself more grace
+ form better habits/routines (meditate, AM workouts, more "me" time, more sleep, etc) 

So, again this year, I feel I am in a good space and am in a better space than this time last year, it would be great if this continues to be a norm.
I think my family & I are in a pretty good space right now. Settling into new norms - 
-My Mom has been rearranging and organizing her home, she's going on a trip to the beach this Summer with family- and while she has her bad days, she seems pretty happy.
-My brother is settling into his new home and getting the urge to decorate, paint, etc. He stays busy socially and has finally mastered the lawn care routine (this was a big hoot last Summer).
-Both of them really like the Cattleman and we have all been spending a good amount of time together these days. I've been enjoying all the extra time with them in my hometown (even if it means I am a nomad and always packing a weekend bag).

Where are you at with your goals for 2016? How is the year treating you?

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