Friday Best - Sweet Summertime

Jun 16, 2017

Hi friends. It's Friday, I get to leave a bit early today, and I have free Starbucks in hand - definite good vibes over here. This weekend I have pool time on the agenda, maybe stand up paddle-boarding, a wedding to attend, and family time on my parents' farm (fishing + bbq-ing) for Father's Day & to celebrate my Dad's birthday.
Another edition of a Friday Best with a highlight on Summer nights, podcasts, inspiration and more.

Best podcasts
I started listening to the first episode of the Up and Vanished podcast this week as per Kimmie's suggestion /  Also, I follow Natalie's blog & find her lifestyle and her business very inspiring, so when I saw she was a guest on a podcast I went on over to listen & suggest you so the same!

Best evening
I took an impromptu drive out to the Cattleman's farm on Thursday this week. Usually I save those treks for the weekends...but he's had a busy week full of late nights working straw and prepping for baling hay this I drove out and soaked up some evening sun on one of his farms then we headed to BWW for 75 cent wings and patio vibes.

Best mantra
:: Find contentment in the journey :: 
I finished The Magnolia Story this week & this was the theme they ended on - I love this message.

Best interviews
My 9-5 gig is recruiting. Specifically, I recruit for accounting and finance roles. Sometimes the role can be trying and others times it is very rewarding. This week has been filled with the latter. I've interviewed so many genuine people this week who truly need some help in their job search - whether it's interview tips, resume advice or just some confidence in their skillset. You learn so much about a person when they are in an interview, your resume tells a lot about your story, and this week two people have been brought to tears during my interviews with them while telling their stories. I know I made an impact on these candidates and they did the same to me. It's a nice feeling to get in a corporate gig and I hope to find them a role that's a great fit for them.

Best weekly finds [Mexico prep edition]

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  1. Do you LOVE Up and Vanished yet?? I just got to the 2nd season now lol


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