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Jun 23, 2017

Finally. Friday. This week was a quick one - lots of fun things, work headaches, and such. I hate to point this out, but the weekend ahead is the last full weekend in June. How did that happen? Alas, we have a whole lot of Summer ahead of us and I have another early out today (woot!). This week's bests include some home improvements I plan to make, inspiration, a good read, sales and celebrations.

Best new lighting
I have been eyeing some new lighting options for my dining area for a while. After a trip to Home Depot, I was unimpressed. After a trip to Menards, I was overwhelmed. But this one stuck with me & for that price, it is a win. Hoping to get it purchased and hung within the next 2 weeks (I have to wait for my Cattleman to be out of the straw fields).

Best celebrations
My friend Erika's 30th + my Mom's birthday + a going away dinner for my cousin

best surprise
My boss brought me back some Mother's Brewing beer from a weekend trip down to Springfield, MO - we can't get it here in STL - he brought me Loopty Loop (a lawnmower beer that pairs with blackberry cobbler) & Lil' Helper (a fave!)

Best Spotify playlist
I discovered a "Your Summer Rewind" playlist - It's a curated list of all of my old Summer favorites- check it out on your own account, I've been loving mine.

Best sips
I finally tried the coffee ice cubes at Starbucks and I had a refreshing moscow mule at BC's Kitchen

Best mantra 
:: Trust that what you want to cultivate matters enough to allow it to ripen over time as you take small steps forward and some big leaps along the way too. ::

Best read
I started listening to The Couple Next Door on audio book on Tuesday and I am already on chapter's so good!

Best  [sale] finds


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