Life Lately -- Last week of June

Jun 27, 2017

+ Planting - in my garden bed (late in the Summer, I know)
+ Loving - my back patio (above)
+ Anticipating - The 4th of July! I saw my first fireworks show of the season yesterday!
+ Listening - to Imagine Dragon's new Evolve album
+ Sipping - my Mother's Brewing craft beer (more like savoring)
+ Trying - to get more sleep
+ Attending - a bingo event at Six Mile Bridge Beer to celebrate their expanded hours
+ Snagging - my library pick up - You are a Badass (audio book)
+ Purchasing - Toms peep toed booties (on sale!)
+ Loving - Karlee's IG feed - always thrifting and re-purposing to fill her vintage booth #lifegoals
+ Wanting - the Fitbit Alta my Mom just got one for her birthday and now I am envious
+ Winning - a work competition and getting some $$ (maybe I'll use it on a Fitbit!)
+ Trying - some of this foundation thanks to Keira's suggestion
+ Using - all my goodies in my BeerSauceBox!


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