Friday Best

Jun 9, 2017

This has been one heck of a I right? The full moon coming tonight has made things nutty at work.But, we made it. Almost to the weekend finish line. Today I'm just going to post a few updates/rambles.
  1.  First up -- The Cattleman and I booked a trip to Mexico this week! I turn 30 in October so we are going over my birthday week to celebrate!!! It will be the first time both of us jet off to Mexico (remember what happened the first time I tried??) and we found an affordable option that comes recommended to us- The image above is from the resort.
  2. I went to see Kaleo this week and they were so so good. The lead singers vocals have such a range AND it was at my favorite venue - The Pageant. Also of note, I am far too old to be going to concerts on a week night..which I already the next day is always a doozy, but I managed to be very productive (surprisingly).
  3. Summer Throwbacks is playing on Spotify & Hot in Here is currently on. Speaking of, it's supposed to get toasty this weekend. mid 90's
  4. We have a friend BBQ tonight hosted at Emily's cute farmhouse (see!). I'm excited to hang outside, play washers, drink craft beer and eat some grilled grub. 
  5. My cousin is considering moving in with me- I have a finished basement with a full bath, room and living room that never gets used- and she came over this week to talk specifics. Now I need to get in gear to rid some clutter and free up some space for her to utilize and get things in order. We are having fun scheming up ideas.
  6. I started looking at some storage shelving for my unfinished room in my basement and also items to get my office in place. Good timing since both are my Q2 home goals. 
  7. And more home talk - I am wanting to switch out my living room ceiling fan, dining room light, and sink pendant light - so I scouted options at Menards this week.
  8. The Cattleman helped me stain my garden bed last night and do some outdoor work. My back patio is lookin' good! Now to host some BBQs.
  9. My weekend is full to the max again, but that's what Summer is. Lots of plans/parties/family + friend time - and I love it.
Enjoy your weekend, folks.


  1. That place in Mexico looks amazing!!! What a way to celebrate your 30th!

    1. We think so too! Certainly looking forward to it.


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