Hey there -- Starting Summer

Jun 13, 2017

A hodge podge of mini notes to miscellaneous things/people/days/whatevers. One to kick off Summer vibes for the season.

Hey there, plants
I love watching you grow. I wish the squirrels would leave you be. You are all flourishing at the moment.

Hey there, chat books
You have endless (affordable) possibilities
Hey there, french press
You are coming in handy for making cold brew coffee.
2/3 cup ground coffee + 3 cups water. Stir, sit in fridge for 12 hours, press, sip.

Hey there, fishing adventures
I love spending a Summer day this way. This picture was a whopper the Cattleman caught on my parents' farm. We have a few more places we fish, but this spot is a favorite. We spent Mother's Day bbq-ing and fishing and plan to do the same on Father's Day. 

Hey there, weekend getaways
You're good for the soul.

Hey there, weddings
You sure are filling up my calendar this year. I have one for a hometown friend this weekend.
Hey there, 8 inches
You got donated and now I am adjusting to styling a new do. Nice little Summer refresh.

Hey there, June horoscope
Talks of having travel fever, being social and re-evaluating my daily schedule/habits are all spot on. I want to re-work my sleep habits - earlier bedtime and rising earlier to get in AM workouts and allowing time for productivity. I also like the suggestion of writing down thoughts to get clear on what I want out of the next 6 months. Halfway through 2017.

Hey there, patio season
You sure send out some good vibes. I love soaking up nice weather with a friend and a nice outdoor scene.

Hey there, ladder blanket
You're a good addition to the Shack. 

Hey there, Summer reading
I'm about to the halfway mark for the Summer reading program at the library. Currently on my request list : Hello, Sunshine (excited for this - 4 of 16 holds), Into The Water,
The hate u give, The Sunshine Sisters, In the Unlikely Event,
The Identicals

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  1. The Identicals is on my list, too! Hope it's a good one. And fishing and cooking out sounds like the perfect summer day!


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