A long, fun 4th of July "Weekend"

Jul 5, 2017

What a fun, jam-packed 4 days of celebrating America!
Back to the grind today and I'm grateful to have packed so many adventures into my long weekend. As usual after a long holiday, I am struggling to get back into the rhythm of reality but it was so very worth it.
Let's go over the run down of activities ::

FRIDAY >> The Cattleman and I went to hang out at his friends' campground nearby for a bbq + boat ride. When I got to the Cattleman's house he had City Wide in the fridge waiting on me & I was happy as a clam (check out the view at his farm!). It was a great way to spend a summer evening and kick off the weekend.

SATURDAY >> We went to Mark Twain Lake for a day on the water. We went boating with friends and stayed at a friend's weekend place. BBQ + fireworks + yard games + ATVs. Always makes for a fun equation.
We did have two fails - 1. The boat broke down right at the beginning and we had to get a tow back to the loading area, but we didn't let this ruin our day! 2. I had family at the lake as well and I thought we were coved in the same area, so the Cattleman and I set out on noodles and swam from one bank to the other (where the beach was) to find my family and visit...nope, we were at the wrong beach..but we definitely got a workout in.

SUNDAY >> We got back into town, relaxed and ran errands. I helped the Cattleman check on the ladies and got to drive the 4-wheeler a bit. We rounded out the evening with stir fry, wine and some fireworks shows from the front porch.

MONDAY >>  I was lucky enough to be off work. I spent my day catching some extra zzz's, running errands, and then hitting the pool with my cousin. Then the Cattleman and I went to the O'Fallon Heritage & Freedom Fest for fireworks and a free Eric Paslay concert. We had a really good time and bumped into my cousin too.

TUESDAY (4th) >> We celebrated by heading to my Grandma's for a family BBQ. From her house we can walk to a local park for the city of Hazelwood's fireworks show. They put on a really long show and it was my 3rd show of the season!

This was as festive as the decor got at my nest this season (well and last season too). I'm excited about these two plants..I was wanting some new tall-ish plants and found them in the Wal-Mart clearance section for $8.50 each. I threw them in some galvanized bins I had around, but want to find taller planters or some stands for these to sit on for some more height.

How were your 4th of July adventures? Happy short work week.


  1. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend! I miss good St. Louis breweries!

    1. It was perfect. Can you access any STL beer now?


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