Friday Best -- 4th of July Weekend

Jun 30, 2017

We've made it to the last day of June. It flew by. I don't even feel like Summer has begun yet, and here we are, right in the thick of it. My office closes early today and we only have to log on remote for a bit Monday morning, so I have a long, holiday weekend ahead. I  and am excited for all the adventures on the agenda- grilling, boating + a night spent away in a "cabin" with friends, pool days, and lots of fireworks!

Best reminder
Grateful is a happy place to be

Best space
I've been spending ample time out on my back patio this week.

Best accomplishment
I got my raised garden planted! I have herbs, a tomato plant, a variety of peppers and then I threw in some vinca vines and flower seeds and loofa seeds. Hopefully it gets lush - my concerns are squirrels (I sprinkled coffee grounds and pepper flakes to keep them out) as well as keeping all the plants hydrated enough. Regardless I am having fun selecting plants and playing in the dirt.

Best re-purposed furniture
I've been telling the Cattleman that lockers would be a fun addition to his shop for storage. After seeing this post I want a set for my office or basement!

Best freebie 
McAlister's free tea day!

Best finds - J.Crew Factory

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  1. I'm so jealous of people who have gardens. I wish I could have one, but I can't even keep a plant alive. Happy Friday!


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