First Time Homeowner - Year 2 Anniversary

Jul 27, 2017


Here it is, a whole TWO years as a homeowner, folks. Over the past year many a beer and glasses of wine have been sipped from the comfort of my couch or back patio, the firepit got lit a few times, and new plants found a home. On the flip side, I've dealt with frozen pipes, clogged gutters, fallen tree limbs, various lawncare companies & such. I love having this piece of space to make my own. It feels nice to (finally) not be paying rent for no ROI, but yes it does indeed come with a lot of extra responsibilities and nuances.  As a solo homeowner, I get to style everything how I want it, only using my own taste and preferences. There is still a lot to do in my nest, but let's re-cap how far I've come in the last 365 days.

year TWO progress --
+ curtains are hung! (this was a long overdue task - and curtains have been swapped around since this photo)
+ new ceiling fan in the living room + light fixture in the dining area
+ many more items hung on the walls
+ a styled back patio
+ lots of new plant babes
+ a raised garden
+ a styled guest bedroom (&here)
+ new dining room chairs

year THREE plans --
+ style an office
+ create basement storage
+ hang two sets of blinds
+ host multiple gatherings (brunch, bbq, fire pit nights, planting parties)
+ hang my new kitchen light
+ pick up and hang my entryway shiplap coatrack
+ more beer & wine sipping

Tonight I'll be celebrating by serving up grub at the St. Charles County Cattlemen stand at the St. Charles County fair. Don't worry, I'll have a few cold ones to sip and will sneak a burger or kabob in my "down time".

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  1. ugh I'm jealous of your overhang in the backyard! Everything looks beautiful!


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