Weekend Vibes -- bring on July

Jul 10, 2017

Back to Monday, just like that. This weekend I kept things pretty low-key what with the whirlwind that was the 4th of July "weekend" and the county fair taking place this week. The Cattleman is on a livestock committee (shocking, right?!) and he spends most every night at the fair- I'll be joining and spending 4 days in a  row there. I'm looking forward to carnival rides, funnel cakes, watching him assist kids with steers in the ring, auction night and seeing Sawyer Brown + Diamond Rio live- all for a $40 week pass.  So, having a leisurely weekend that leads into a  hectic week was a win. Here were the highlights ::

Friday -- Date night : Wonder Woman 
On Friday the Cattleman and I met up for a date night to see Wonder Woman + have dinner. We live 50+ miles apart, so we met halfway, which is kind of fun (well and funny) to do sometimes because it takes me back to our beginning days of (awkwardly) meeting for those first date(s). We liked the movie (it was a bit long) and had a quick bite at Town Square Pub n Grub after. We've been dating for over a year and this was only the 2nd time we went to a movie together..guess it just isn't our thing..and I learned that Friday night movies are tough for me, I was so tired after!
Saturday -- Household chores + Fireworks/BBQ
I slept in a bit, met a friend for a long walk (logging steps on my new FitBit Alta), got groceries, did laundry and spent time gardening. Then we headed to a BBQ that my friend hosted at her boyfriend's and went to a firework show on The Hill. It was a nice way to spend a summer evening. I walked away with some new goodies she got me too. Plant lady, always.
Sunday -- Handyman Day + BBQ
On Sunday the Cattleman knocked out so many projects around my house. He's so handy and quick when it comes to these projects. He assembled my new coffee table, hung 3 pictures, changed out a ceiling fan in my living room and put in new lighting in my dining area. As with any project day, things weren't perfect, but I am so happy with the results. My light fixture is missing a piece, so it looks rather wonky until that comes in and we broke a lightbulb. Below are the pictures of the current state. Next living room goals are to get new pillows (these came with couch) and fill the frames (at least hanging them will serve as motivation). We rounded out the evening by grilling on the patio.

I hope your weekend was lovely. Does anyone else partake in county fairs?

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