Gratitude Grows Joy

Jul 12, 2017

Lululemon has a great twitter account and consistently posts inspiration. I saw this one and wanted to share since it's been a bit since I've posted a grateful list.

Today I am grateful for ---
+ a flexible job & boss -- working a different schedule this week because of the County Fair
+ audiobooks -- good for commutes (currently reading : You are a Badass)
+ morning walks -- a fresh start to the day
+ iced coffee
+ my cute boyfriend --he's handy, sweet and I love his dedication to community involvement
+ sweet friends -- wearing my angel wing bracelet from Emily today
+ winning work contests -- hello $25 Visa giftcard
+ my momma -- I have a cute "welcome home" gift lined up for her (she's on a beach vacay)
+ long talks -- I've had some good chats with loved ones this week
+ funnel cakes -- can't wait to have one at the fair

That does it for today. What are you grateful for?

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  1. Iced coffee for sure - and yay for winning work contests!

    1. :) I actually won some free Starbucks too, and naturally chose iced coffee.


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