Weekend Vibes - Lincoln County Fair

Jul 18, 2017

The past week was the Lincoln County Fair and I attended FOUR nights in a row (Wed-Sat). The last time I had been that much was in high school..more specifically, when I ran for Fair Queen myself in 2006...wowser. I ended up on the Fair Queen Court and was there daily fulfilling duties, showing my hog and partaking in activities.. I digress.

I had a great time attending the fair this year. The Cattleman is on the livestock committee so he had various duties throughout fair week - that is mostly why I attended an extra amount of nights this year. It was nice seeing so many old faces/friend, seeing the community support the hard work of the kids who raised animals, partaking in a community event, enjoying live music, watching truck/tractor pulls, all of it.

fair week / weekend in numbers --
2 -- walking tacos consumed
0 -- funnel cakes consumed
2 -- live bands (Sawyer Brown + Diamond Rio)
5 -- average hours of sleep
0 -- number of carnival rides rode
3 -- number of auction photos I was in
2 -- number of animals the Cattleman bought at the auction (lamb + hog)
0 -- photos of me and the Cattleman
2 -- old high school friends I saw that I hadn't seen in a while (pictured below)
2 -- number of rides I took a boomerang of

A few photos I did snap during the fair ::
my Cattleman (right) and his brothers working the steer show
me and two high school pals

a throwback to my fair queen court days -- turtle racing

my Goddaughter, Sophia, winning her turtle race this year

Oh, and these are funny too, pictures taken from the auction night. This was my first time experiencing the auction on this side of the fence, years ago I was one of the kiddos showing livestock. The Cattleman and his family goes in together to purchase some livestock at the auction. Primarily to support the children and the community. The resolution is poor, because I just took a screenshot on my phone, but I wanted to bookmark these to look back on.

a lamb!
& a hog!

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