Life Lately -- Mid August

Aug 15, 2017

It's been a bit since I've done a quick round up of what's happening behind the scenes at SITC.. So, here's a quick round up. I always love writing and reflecting back on these.>>>

+ enjoying -- gravel roads, yea they are dusty and bumpy, but there's something about them..
+ sipping -- I finally tried the [diet] watermelon mint lemonade at chick-fil-a that seems to have a cult's tasty.
+ focusing -- on getting the Three Sheep Shack ready for Fall
+ prepping -- lots of bridal details - I have two friends getting married this Fall
+ daydreaming -- about having an antique booth and re-purposing thrift finds (I'm dreaming up ways to start making this a reality to prep for a "some-day" booth)
+ wishing -- I could wear jeans to work (I want these by the way, on sale for $20!)
+ reading -- Into the Water
+ wanting -- a Jeep Wrangler!
+ giving -- myself a little grace
+ hoping -- to knock a few more items off my summer bucket list
+ needing -- to get to mark twain brewing to use a groupon
+ motivating -- trying to stay disciplined at work to keep growing in my career -- hitting my year 4 at my company in October
+ selling -- I've sold 52 items on Poshmark so far this year

Have a great Tuesday, folks.


  1. I love your dream of having an antique booth - I would absolutely love that and keep trying to convince my mom we should go for it. I'm not making an progress with her, but I keep trying. :)

    1. :) -- I would definitely partner with my mom too and include crochet stuff from Three Sheep Shack. You and your mom have great taste with antiques and thrifted goods -- keep trying to sway her!

  2. 52 items!?! Tell me your secrets! I have only sold 1 :(

    1. I've had a closet on there for a while and for some reason this year it just has a lot of momentum. I've grown to have 3k+ followers and I hsare a lot of my items on my own in the app and through parties. What's your user? I'll share some items!!


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