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Aug 14, 2017

Back to the Monday grind. I'm looking forward to a week of fresh beginnings, motivation and fun over here. This weekend was well spent. Mostly low-key, with a side of adventure. Let's get to the weekend breakdown, shall we?

Friday --
The Cattleman came to my house and I decided it would be a good night to go test drive a Jeep Wrangler. I've been wanting one for ages, but I have never driven one..only riden in them and oogled over them. I currently drive a 2006 Ford Escape..so longingly referred to as the es-ca-pay. She does the job and has been good to be over the past 11 years..but she has 175k miles on her..so she's going to need to be upgraded soon.. I adored the Jeeps. I want one! Dislikes = price tag + not super practical. But, it's just me..no kiddos, nothing to haul around. So, now is my time. This is the closest I have ever gotten to pulling the trigger. We shall see.
This one was a manual, so I didn't test drive it. But, it's just about what I'm looking for. I drove two others. They were pushing me to buy, but I walked away to assess the situation and think on it. Then we went to Syberg's for grub + beer. The Cattleman instantly got on autotrader to look for some Wrangler deals. Pretty sure he wants me to get one just as much as I want to.
Saturday --
I spent the morning running a few errands then met a pal at a park I had never been to get in a couple miles. There was a great concrete path through shaded (and hilly) woods. Then I got a few things done around my house -- ya know, laundry, dishes, all the boring stuff. Then I headed off to the Cattleman's farm for an evening of bbq & fire pit. I love nights spent by the fire-pit, listening to country music and sipping a beer. [happy heart]
Sunday --
We woke up early, made breakfast and packed up for the lake. I grabbed iced coffee, he grabbed a mountain dew, and off we went. We went to Mark Twain Lake, which is about an hour north of his farm. First stop in town -- this charming bait shop.

It's a pretty & peaceful lake. He had plans to fish and I had plans to relax + read. It was nice to get an afternoon on the water, just us. We listened to Eric Church and soaked up some sun..he caught 0 fish but his highlight was driving the boat around. I definitely took my own advice and was being mindful to be all there by taking in the country scenery, chatting with my man, and getting lost in my book.

We rounded out our weekend by heading to his parents for a birthday dinner in honor of his brothers. It was such a gorgeous day, so we spent ample time outside under the shade tree there. 

I hope your weekend was well-rounded and full of joy. 

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