Meet Henry + a peek at the farm

Aug 22, 2017

Here's Henry! He joined the Cattleman's herd at the end of July. He was the first one to arrive in the most recent round of calving. I couldn't help but give the little fella a name. Three more calves have joined the herd since Henry arrived. I've only named the first calves from each round of calving-- Ellis + Henry. It would be a lot to keep up with otherwise.

I love this one's dalmatian looking face. He came along just last week.

How tender is this photo of the Cattleman interacting with the brand new calf?! It's really neat to see how much care he has for his herd. I always enjoy when we take rides out into the pastures at his farm to check on the herd. Sunsets at the farm are hard to beat too.

I've always enjoyed getting back to my hometown to unplug and escape the hustle of the city. I would typically go back about once a month to my family farm to visit and hang out. It makes me shake my head to think that now I'm there even more and get the chance to visit my boyfriend and my family at the same time. Pretty neat the way things work out, eh? 

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