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Aug 23, 2017

Today's inspired by post features ::
Natalie of Natalie Creates.  
Blogger + General Store Owner who resides on a small farm in Arkansas

She is someone I have been following for a while and is probably one of the feeds I enjoy the most online. Together her and her husband run Freckled Hen Farm in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Gardens, goats, chickens and such.

They opened their modern day "general store",  Freckled Hen Farmhouse online and now it has evolved into an adorable brick & mortar store. It's charming and brimming with modern day farm tools, fresh florals + produce from their farm and is often hosting pop up events.

I draw a lot of inspiration from Natalie and all she has curated. I love the idea of living on a farm, raising a few animals and growing a massive garden (with a strong percentage of flowers too) - Then having some sort of space to fill with my farm goods, handmade items or thrifted finds. Life goals.

The images she uses, the quotes, the positivity, the simplicity of her farm life, her love for camping and their cute camper (SusieQ) -- it's all charming and right up my alley. Her branding and voice is all consistent and spot on in my book. So, give the sources below a peek and I hope you find inspiration as well.

Sources + Feeds::
Natalie's Instagram
Freckled Hen Farmhouse :: site / Facebook / Instagram
two podcasts she's featured on 1 /

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