Weekend Vibes -- The first of August

Aug 9, 2017

How about a hump day weekend re-cap? I'll break the first weekend of August down by the days. It was a pretty darn good one.

The Cattleman and I checked the 4th item off our summer bucket list -- go karts!
We started our night at the go kart track & those things were legit. We had to wear helmets & neck guard things. We had fun & I got passed about 3 times. After that we headed to Mission Taco and had tacos & some sips - jalapeno margarita for me and Busch beer for him. After that the Cattleman suggested we head to the casino for a bit, so we went there and played some slots, keno and poker for a bit. We won enough to keep us playing for a bit but didn't walk away with any extra funds.

I met my friend Erika and her little boy Clyde for a long park walk. It was nice to log steps and catch up all at once. Then I made a quick Trader Joe's run for sunflowers & went home to do some chores. Later that afternoon, I was off to the Cattleman's house - We went out for dinner & then a graduation party. It was a good (and late) night of hanging out and sipping some (craft) beer.
I won't lie, it sure does get old always having to pack a bag and drive 50+ miles to see my man (granted sometimes it's on the reverse and there is no packing or driving for me). I love spending time with him on the farm but I was feeling the "long-distance" woes during my drive on Saturday (and I do know our distance is minimal in the real scheme of long distance). I was definitely ready for a beer and grateful my Cattleman is very patient upon arrival Saturday.

A leisurely morning was had. I slept in, sipped iced coffee and prepped some final details for Emily's bridal shower. Us bridesmaids (above) hosted it at a local wine bar and it worked out perfectly. We sipped wine, chatted and watched her open her gifts.  I had a farmhouse sign made for her little farmhouse & it turned out so great. Now she can hang it there and if some day her and Michael move on to a different home, this can serve as a reminder of those memories made int he farmhouse.

I also had fun playing around with sunflower arrangements and compiling these baskets for game winners.

After the shower the Cattleman and I headed to a local church picnic for dinner with his family, his grandma and my mom. Moments like this make me feel so blessed that I'm dating a man from the same area I grew up in and that our parents grew up together (a few towns over). They know each other really well and everything jives. Fun fact - His dad and my mom were born in the same hospital, in the same room, on the same day. How bizarre is that?! It's all very interconnected and we are always discovering some new fact about someone we both know, etc.

The Cattleman proudly rocked his Three Sheep Shack tee at the picnic. This received lots of compliments + comments.

Anyway, this was the kind of weekend that left me with a full heart. I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly, folks.


  1. What a great weekend! The go karts sound fun, where were they at? I need to convince Michael to do that sometime.

    Thanks for helping host the most perfect bridal shower on Sunday. I'm so lucky to have such great girlfriends!

    That three sheep shack shirt looks great on ole Danny boy! :)

    1. They were at a place at Mills Mall called Rusty Wallace Racing- We had a groupon! Michael would love it.
      You're so very welcome, you are certainly blessed!
      Ha, he really liked it too. As we know it's so soft!

  2. I was going to ask about the go karts, too! That sounds so fun! I can imagine the drive back and forth it never that fun. I always love hearing about the small town/country life and reading these makes me want to up and move!

    1. It was a fun Friday night! Yea, the miles get old some days, but he's worth it ;) I'm glad you like getting a glimpse at the small town/county life. It's so funny because growing up I couldn't wait to go off to college and experience bigger city life...and here I am working my way back. Ha!


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