Friday Best

Aug 11, 2017

Happy Friday, folks. This week zoomed by for me. I spent my evenings taking it easy and tucking in early. Life has been a whirlwind lately and I definitely felt it catching up to me. This weekend's plans will be low-key.. Tonight and tomorrow afternoon I plan to stick around my house to get some little things done (Fall garden planting, cleaning, organizing). Then tomorrow I'll head up to my Cattleman's farm and he told me he forsees a firepit night (my favorite!) in our future. Then he wants to take his boat out to a local lake Sunday to get in some time on the water, just us, and then we will head to Sunday dinner at his parents' house to celebrate his brothers (twins) birthday.
So now, let's take a peek at the bests from this week & I added pictures too --

Best work event
We hold quarterly team building events at work.. We went to the City Museum yesterday and followed it up with a tour and tasting at Schlafly. This was the first time I had gone to the City Museum (I know right?!). It was packed! It was so interesting to see all the art that is turned into crazy activities, things to climb on, features, etc. So many slides, teeny tiny tunnels to climb through..airplanes, buses, a ferris wheel on the roof, the list goes on and on. We got a VIP tour at Schlafly along with samples. It really was a great afternoon. Two St. Louis musts if you're local or visiting.

Best read
I finished All the Missing Girls on audiobook...boy was that good!Sort of tricky on audio with the way it was structured, I would suggest physically reading the book. Now I need to finish my other audiobook, First Comes Love, and start reading Into the Water.

Best song
Old Dominion - Written in the Sand

Best new home addition
Remember way back when I mentioned wanting to create an entryway? Well I finally did. I picked up my coat rack and got it hung. McNelly Farmhouse Love is awesome! I threw a couple of things from around the house on it quick, but am eager to actually style it and change it out with the seasons.

Best finds (Summer to Fall transition - I want it all!)

I hope your weekend leads you into some happy moments and fun adventures!


  1. I love your new home addition!!! That is super cute. And you are the second person I have read today that listened to that book and suggested actually reading it because of how it is written!

    1. I love the space it helped create in my home! Oh interesting, glad I wasn't the only one.

  2. Your weekend plans sound so lovely! And I love how your entryway turned out. Super cute.

  3. We visited St Louis in June and almost went to the City Museum! But we weren't sure if it was meant more for kids so we skipped out on it. Will definitely have to go there next time. I loved Schlafly-- such good beer! How awesome that you were able to go there for work too! Your entry way looks great!

    1. Yea, there are primarily kids, but it's certainly for all ages. They have tons of cafes with cocktails & beer even!


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