2 Years -- Another heavenly birthday

Sep 27, 2017

Today marks 2 years without my Dad. 

We miss him and the presence he had for so many..he is truly an unforgettable man. I love this quote. I hope to recreate his unforgettable presence through my stories and memories of him for all those who weren't graced with the opportunity to meet him -- my boyfriend, potentially future kiddos, etc.

September is a touch month for my family as we just had the  4 year anniversary of my brother on the 15th. Life is messy, it won't ever be easy. But, we will continue to find reasons to smile, to be grateful, to feel blessed. 

My Mom continues to think of thought filled gifts, treats, surprises -- and is blows my mind. She had a t-shirt designed for herself, me and my brother with a dragonfly & Stephen + Dad's initials. It's so cute! 
[Have you read the  dragonfly story? It's a favorite of ours!]

year 1 + a bit more of my  Dad's story

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