Friday Best -- Last of September

Sep 29, 2017

Goodness, we are already kissing September goodbye! It was a good month full of lots of celebrations, sunny days and a bit of sadness. I plan to recap my top 9 like I did for August.
I had a slow paced weekend last weekend and am looking forward to the same for this one - DIYs, a local wedding, working on The Shack Pop Up, and hopefully a firepit night. This weeks bests include TV, style and side hustle!

Best show 
It's backkkkk, you know the one, This is Us! I watched it via Hulu+ last night and boy does it tug at the heart strings!

Best mini style challenge
I looked back to when Emily & I challenged ourselves to style 3 pieces from our closet each week during Fall of 2015 :: #3ToWear

Best class
I went to the last free barre3 class at Westport Plaza. It was another tough one but left me feeling good afterwards...just to proceed to have brews over at Westport Social..balance.

Best creative outlet
Speaking of the Three Sheep Shack -- things are really starting to heat up and my mom has been busy crocheting away. This weekend I hope to get some new images taken, create some farmhouse items for the pop up, schedule open houses and get some social media posts scheduled. Oh, and speaking of social media- we were excited to hit 500 Facebook likes + 1,000 Instagram followers in the same week! It all has a lot of moving pieces and my mom and I have fun creating, dreaming and scheming. We don't do it to make lots of money, but we do it for fun and to add funds to the scholarship fund in memory of my brother Stephen.

Best weekly finds


  1. I loved This Is Us- so good! That scarf is so cute and looks so cozy too!

  2. I love Barre3 and your weekly finds are all great picks! Jess at Just Jess


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