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Sep 8, 2017

Happy Friday! Technically yesterday was the "Friday" of my work week and I'm off to the Lake to celebrate Emily's bachelorette weekend! What better way to soak up the last days of Summer than with a weekend on the water with a group of pals?! So, I'll keep things quick and re-cap a few quick tid-bits about my week ::

best plans :: obviously my lake plans -- boating, pool days, mexican & bbq grub, and I plan to snag some Mother's beer while I'm there because it's not distributed in the Lou.

best walk :: me at the Cattleman went on a long, evening walk this week and spotted so many deer near the path (5+). These days with fall feeling temps are the best for walks!

best new listing :: we got the Grace Scarf live in the Shack this week & I think I'm going to need to add one to my closet to pair with flannels or graphic tees. We named it after our word of 2017 -- Grace

best previous lake posts :: emily, abbey and I will be reunited on this same trip and had such a good time when we went to abbey's lake condo 2 summers ago!

best reminder :: 
Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently.

best bootie :: you guys need these in your life. I added a few shop options since I know sizes are limited from store to store. I got mine on sale at Nordstrom in the neutral color and they are so so comfy!

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