Bride's Babes Weekend

Oct 4, 2017

This weekend Emily & Michael will be saying I Do! So, it seems like a fitting week to re-cap her bachelorette party weekend.

First, let's start with a fun little backstory on the couple--  Michael is a hometown/childhood pal of mine and Emily is a college/sorority pal. One weekend I hauled her and my pal Erika to hmy hometown for the weekend. There Emily and Michael met - back in 2008. There was a definite interest/spark, but the timing was tricky as both were in college many miles forward post-college and they started dating about 5 years ago (right, Emily?) and now they are about to walk down the aisle and have a reception on her parents' farm! You can find some wedding updates over here on her blog.

Now back to her Bride's Babes weekend ---

A few weekends ago Emily + her bride's babes headed to the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend of bachelorette-ing! We squeezed so much fun into one weekend and the group all meshed really well - we even celebrated two birthdays while there and two happened just prior. September is a popular month!

We started our weekend off with margaritas & then headed off to our big ol' condo that we got for a steal! We spent the afternoon by the pool, played games then got ready and headed out for dinner + dancing.

my other favorite Emily

The next day we rented a boat out and spent the day cruising, swimming and dancing. It was a blast! All of us girls got along so well and it while it doesn't sound like it, it was honestly a laid-back, mellow weekend.

I'm eager to reunite this weekend with everyone on the farm!

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