Weekends in the country

Oct 2, 2017

I love sunny days, spent in the country taking things at a slower pace. That basically sums up my last two weekends, which is perfect timing as October & November will be a bit more of a whirlwind.

Last weekend I had a work party on Friday at my bosses' house - so much fun! Then Saturday was spent tooling around to various farms with the Cattleman while he prepped for harvesting. It was a good slow, Saturday. I ended my evening with a chalkpaint table DIY. Then, Sunday we had mass in honor of my Dad and brother and went to my brother's for a BBQ. The Cattleman and I did a bit of pickin' and then he did a bit more work on the farm. How precious is this photo I snagged of the Cattleman and his Dad working? They had on matching shorts + work boots - so I thought it would be funny to snap a pic, and it ended up frame worthy.

This past weekend & last was spent with low-key days/nights on the Cattleman's farm. We enjoyed firepit nights  twice, he worked on his new barn with his Dad and a friend on Saturday & I chalk-painted furniture.
We planned to head to a wedding that evening but didn't end up making it because of projects wrapping up late - so instead we took a gravel road drive, had some good chats and ended back up at the firepit and made Totino's pizza - yes, we are fancy & healthy.

On Sunday we had a leisurely morning that included blueberry pancakes then I headed to meet my Mom at #TheShackPopUp to do a refresh on the space. We had fun catching up and curating our little room at the local shop. This is one corner of crochet goodness. That table is the end result of a chalkpaint re-do..it's slightly distressed and just the right size for this room.

After that the Cattleman was combining beans and suggested I come ride along, so I went to join him at one of the farms while he harvested for a bit.It was the perfect way to welcome in October 1st - my favorite month! (I may be partial since it's also birthday month for me)

Now, this coming weekend we celebrate Emily + Michael on their big day with a farm wedding! Looking forward to the fun.

-- On a more somber note, I'm feeling especially confused and sad at what happened at this past weekend's Route 91 Harvest Festival. The Cattleman and I were streaming the festival live all weekend and I was thinking how fun that festival would be to attend. I am someone who loves live music and attending concerts-- concerts are about being in the moment, finding happiness and supporting something you enjoy. For all of that to be ruined for all of those festival go-er's & for such a tragedy to occur, I cannot imagine how they (and many of those artists, industry folks, or others not a part of the event) will move past that. Many thoughts & prayers going out to all those attendees, artists and families affected by this.


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect - gotta love time spent in the country!

    1. It really was - low-key weekends in the country are right up my alley.


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