Friday Best - Last of October

Oct 27, 2017

Here we are..Friday. I feel like the days went slow but the week went quick. Getting back into a routine after vacation is always tricky, hoping I have better luck with it next week. We are already at the end of my favorite month, it's been packed with so much good stuff and it's a bummer to see it go. Luckily there is plenty to look forward to in the upcoming months.
A few bests for the week include:

Best dinner
We went to a work dinner Monday at Dominic's on The Hill. Great Italian food and we got serenaded by the owner at the end of the evening in Italian.

Best tradition
I went to my Grandma's this week to make popcorn balls with cousins, aunts, and my mom. It's a fun Halloween tradition and my Grandma sets them out at our annual family Halloween party - which is this weekend.

Best saying
forever is composed of nows

Best throwback post
Last Halloween's festivities e-cap

Best finds
I have casual tennies on the mind. Oh, and did you see I added a "shop with Jess" tab at the top of the page?

This weekend should be a pretty slow pace for me-- which I'm looking forward to. I'd like to get some cleaning, laundry and unpacking (yes still need to do that from the trip) done around the house. I also have some blog post drafts and chalk-paint projects calling my name. Enjoy your weekends!


  1. Family time and traditions make the Holidays even better! And it always takes me forever to unpack too! haha


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