Weekend Vibes - The last of October

Oct 30, 2017

Happy Halloween week, folks!
This past weekend my main plan was to take it easy - I was 100% successful in that. It was a great way to round out a busy October.

On Friday, the Cattleman came over and we had a cozy date night in. We watched the Ranch, ordered pizza and he assembled some storage shelves for my basement. Wild, eh.

Saturday was spent running errands and then doing chores around the house. I intended to do things like unpack from Mexico, sweep my floors, clean my bathroom...ya know, boring stuff. But I ended up pulling out my bats to hang up and setting out more Fall items in my entry. I love Saturdays spent around my little house listening to music, burning candles, styling and such. I did create some order in a spare room that has been dubbed the "junk room". Baby steps.

My bats are my favorite bit of Halloween decor. These and a "BOO" sign on the door are the only Halloween pieces up this year.
Late afternoon on Saturday I went to a family Halloween party. It was a big shindig with 3+ fire-pits, tons of candy/chili/popcorn balls, games and a DJ. We were there until the wee hours and had a great time catching up with family.

Sunday was spent similar to Saturday...it was a leisurely day around the house. I took a Fall walk, went thrifting for more baskets for my basket wall, got groceries and did some more little things around the house. The Cattleman and I made this for dinner - it's a go-to and a definite win in our opinions.

I'm looking forward to a girl's night on Halloween - my cousin Natalie is coming over for wine, snacks and trick-or-treater's.

A sidenote : the Cattleman has been building a new shed on his farm this Fall. It's purpose is to store equipment and such...but when I saw the latest progress, I thought to myself..now this would be a cool space to string lights and host an outdoor dinner. He's not hip on that idea...I'll keep trying. :)


  1. I totally see the outdoor dinner you are envisioning - keep working on him! And your Halloween party sounds fabulous!!!

    1. It was so much fun! Yea, I'll keep trying - I'd be happy with a simple little picnic too.

  2. Slow weekends are the best! And I love your bats too! They are so cute!

    1. Yes! Bats and skulls are my fave for Halloween (creepy, maybe..)

  3. If you convince him to throw a party there, i'm flying out!! hahah!


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