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Oct 6, 2017

Hey folks! How stunning is this tablescape? It makes me want to host a little harvest dinner. I have a table just like this on my back patio! So now onto Friday - I'm sipping an iced coffee, wearing what I know will be a go-to Fall outfit, leaving work at noon, heading to pick up my Cattleman and then we are off to a weekend away for  Emily +Michael's wedding.  How cute is her parents' farm where the wedding will be held?! Looking forward to a weekend of celebrating!

Today, instead of my typical Friday Best lineup, this will me more of a random thoughts on a Friday post. Also, since it's the first of the month I want to start by logging my monthly-lineup & boy is it a good one --

Best October plans ::
celebrate Emily & Michael's big day! / birthday dinner with Erika + Thomas at Westport Social / attending a memorial clay-bird shoot for my cousin's late husband / attending our local sausage dinner & setting up a craft booth for Three Sheep Shack / celebrating my 30th in MEXICO! / Halloween celebrations

+ I joined a new fitness center by my house this week, hoping it makes AM workouts that much easier because those sure are a game changer
+ I'm really wanting this  Patagonia vest this Fall / Winter
+ this week has been nuts at work - I think the Full Moon truly affects those things - woof
+ my Fall has no real Fall decor up yet
+ I have this fun window ledge at work full of pictures and plants and I plan to use some Halloween stuff to make it festive
+ I'm looking forward to our drive this weekend to see all the changing Fall colors
+ my 4 year work anniversary comes up this month & the trip planning for our holiday party in  Boston has begun 
+ I loved this  post by Natalie with some truth talk >> I sometimes post images of my home using  #SeeJessNest and it's become something that people often talk to me about, tell me to post more of, or think I have this perfectly put together, not the case. I just don't post photos of the cluttered areas that I haven't my junk room.. Currently my sink is full of dirty dishes as I leave for the weekend, I still have said junk room that I want to turn into a home office, my guest room has piles of clothes to put away and a few weekend bags left partially unpacked & there is clutter on my kitchen table- here's to hoping I get things a bit more together on the home-front on my day off Monday

toodles for now -- enjoy your weekend!

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