1 week until Mexico

Oct 10, 2017

The Cattleman & I get to leave reality behind and wake up to these views everyday in exactly one week! We are so excited for this adventure, to celebrate my 30th and to have time away soaking up the sun! I wanted to share a few resort pics today.

And..since my birthday is coming, it's fitting to share a few things on my wish list.
Since it's my 3-0 I'd like some long-lasting things...I have been wanting a nice camera, so my mom and I have talked about that...maybe a decent piece of jewelry would be a win too. As for some smaller things that I may treat myself to with some birthday coupons -- I love those New Balance tennies...I've been wanting a Patagonia vest like that for a while.. I'm in need of some new brown riding boots (and how cute & affordable are the DSW burgundy ones below - center of bottom row). I think I may post my old ones on Poshmark and since I've also been cleaning out some old cardigans, I'd like to add 1 or 2 more this season.

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