Summer Story // 2017

Oct 11, 2017

We are fully into Fall &  I wanted to take a minute to reflect back on the goodness that was packed into my Summer of 17.
This past Summer has felt full, in the very best way -- full of adventure, of leisurely days, of soaking up sunshine, of events, of celebrations, of country drives, of boating, of fishing, of family gatherings, of date nights, of all the good stuff.

I kicked off my Summer by taking a trip to the Indiana Dunes with the Cattleman to celebrate our one year anniversary. We had such a good time exploring, trying new restaurants and breweries and kayaking!
June held many fishing days, a Father's Day celebration at my parents' farm, a wedding, birthday celebrations and a memorial for my aunt.

We embraced fair season all of July - Lincoln County + St. Charles County
-- I meant to devote a post to the St. Charles County Fair, but that post remained in draft here are some quick facts on it. ::
I also attended this fair 4 out of 5 nights / This one was especially fun because so many of my family members attend / This one had a dual importance factor - 1. to support my cousin & 2. to support the Cattleman / My cousin's husband passed away earlier this year and he was a member on the fair board, so there were tons of touching tributes to him, including this steer that raised 28k / The Cattleman is on the Cattleman Association there and is a board member, so he stayed busy and helped to manage a beef food stand there (which I had to work a bit, etc).

We took a trip to Bennett Springs with the Cattleman's family - We headed up early and did a canoe float to kick it off then spent days leisurely hanging out in the water, frying fish and sipping cocktails.
I went to a Jason Aldean concert with Emily + Emily. We got pit pass tickets and had a blast!!!

My cattleman made me a raised garden and I had fun planting things and seeing them never took off that well, I don't think it got enough direct sun to thrive, but alas it was a fun project. I spent right at $100 because we found some clearance wood and such.

We made a Summer Bucket List and knocked out 4 of the 9 things listed...sand between our toes, Eric Paslay Concertgo-karts, & kayaking (+canoeing).

I attended & helped host numerous bridal events ::
Emily's bridal shower + lake bachelorette party
Erika's bachelorette + shower

There were days spent boating, on patios, in pastures, sipping craft beer- I loved my Summer that was a mix of slow + adventure and I'm happy to be livin' this life.

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