Friday Best

Jan 26, 2018

Fri-Yay! After traveling last week, this week zoomed by. Did you catch this week's wedding updates? Since then I also made an appointment to with a bridal shop for next Saturday & this weekend we have a mini engagement picture session. Our photographer offered a mini session so that we can do a bigger one when things are more lush out, so we are taking a few at the Cattleman's farm to get some images for a save the date. Wish us luck!
As for other happenings- we had a work event last night at Westport Social, tonight I have happy hour with my cousin, Emily, and on Sunday we are doing a mini engagement shoot!  Now on to this week's bests--

best concept 
I'm intrigued by a 2 week coffee detox. I currently decided to go off beer for a bit. As a craft beer lover, I knew those calories weren't friendly to the waistline. I'm only a week in at this point.

best anniversary
my Mom & Dad had their 32nd anniversary yesterday!

best motto
worry less, love more

best weekly finds



  1. Awww exciting wedding things!! Enjoy your minishoot! That's a good way to start getting comfortable in front of the camera, too. (My husband struggles with that, lol.)

  2. I don't think I will ever completely quit coffee! But I have been cutting back on my afternoon coffee and trying to have tea...

    And happy anniversary to your parents!!


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