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Jan 24, 2018

It's been a little over a month since  I got engaged and I wanted to pop in and log a few updates and thoughts. We got engaged a week and a half before Christmas, and therefore we knew we wanted to delay any wedding planning until after the holidays. I was off the week between Christmas and the New Year, so I took that time to get a few things in motion. The image above is a farmhouse sign I painted at a recent painting party the Cattleman's mom hosted. I was torn on what to create, but figured it made the most sense to create something that would double as wedding decor. Love how it turned out!
Two things we knew going into this were:
1. We wanted to be engaged under 12 months
2. We wanted live music

So, now for a run down of what we have set ---

+ A date -- 
8/18/18 ---This one was tricky..with getting engaged at the end of the year and wanting to be engaged for under 12 months, we had to move quick and had a lot to consider with 2018 already filling up for friends and family. So, we did our best to accommodate everyone and ultimately chose a date that we felt fit us the best. We had liked the idea of an August wedding even before engaged..mostly because we knew it would have the least amount of conflicts and give us a reasonable amount of time to work with. Then for the date, I was born on the 18th (October) and my Dad is also the 18th (June), so I've always liked the number. It so just happened it's the only Saturday that's an 18 in 2018. Winner!

+ Lists --
I wanted to browse a few planning timelines to help create a plan of attack- this one was my favorite! I liked the content and I think the fact that it's set for 6 months and we are working with a bit more than that gave me comfort. I also created an I Do Pinterest board to start gathering some inspiration. 

+ Venue --
We booked a local church (the one he grew up attending) and a local Knights of Columbus Hall (the one in the parish I grew up attending). Luckily we grew up in the same county, so that made it easy on us.

+ Photographer -- 
 Audrey Lee -- she's a local photographer that I discovered when she shot my friend's wedding (Hey Erika + Thomas) last year. Erika was very pleased with her work and I liked that she was close by and, I got to see her in action at their wedding and I liked her prices. So, we booked her quick!

+ Engagement Session --
We have our session this Sunday! Our locations will be my parents' farm (shown  here & the barn  here) + the Cattleman's farm (a few images  here). It's handy that they are both in the same town and our photographer has no time limit and wants to do both!

+ Videographer --
 B. Cannon -- Another local option. She's new to the wedding video world, but we liked what we saw and her flexibility and + price points sold us on her work. We know she will do a great job on capturing our day.

+ Band -- 
We are penciled in with a local oneBurnt Whiskey ) that we hear great things about. We will be seeing them live at  their next show at Driftwood.

+ Guest List --
We have started to get a rough draft going and created a  postable account to gather addresses.

+ Theme -- 
People keep asking me about a theme... I don't really have a word to describe it..I just want it to be very infused with Danny & Jess components..Think farmers market meets rustic meets earthy. I want tin + copper accents & our color is emerald. 

+ Wedding website --
I liked the idea of having a wedding website, and we want to do a digital RSVP. So I started browsing options and settled on one from  Minted, but have not done any editing to it yet.

next up --
begin dress shopping
officially book a bus
order + mail save the dates 
look into The Knot's planning tools

There's what I have to share for now. I'll be drafting some posts with inspiration images for the big day so I can capture my ideas + share them with you!

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  1. YAY for August weddings! (that's when we got married too haha)
    Looks like things are moving along!! Glad you got the photographer and venue you wanted!


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