Friday Best - First of February

Feb 2, 2018

and just like that, it's February! This feels like a pretty calm month for me...a few fun things here and there but plenty of white space in the calendar for getting things done on the home front and the wedding front. Speaking of wedding, did you catch the peek of our engagement pics?! On the docket this weekend - girls night tonight to celebrate Darcy's birthday, tomorrow my Mom & I are going wedding dress shopping for the first time and Sunday we have a few errands and plan to watch the Super Bowl from home with some tasty snacks. Now let's get on to this week's bests, which include the best of February plans!

best February plans
celebrate birthdays (StephenDarcy & Krystal) / shop for a wedding dress / watch our (maybe) wedding band play a gig

best celebration
last night my Mom & I met for dinner and drinks in honor of Stephen. The big 2 -5! Even though he can't be here with us, we are still sure to celebrate him in any way we can.

best small shops
I am loving ordering off of Etsy lately (well always really, but a little extra lately). I ordered from this rustic, Cali based shop this week - the CL. My cousin has a 30th celebration in a few weeks, and I thought these rings with her boys' names would be a perfect gift (bonus: they are on sale through the 11th)! I'm also pretty close to adding these to my leather earring collection. Love the look, shop name & branding!

best weekly motto
life is only as good as your mindset

best finds

image - stunning rustic home!

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  1. I've never bought anything from Etsy before, but I've seen so many cute things from Etsy on people's blogs and Instagram pages that I think I need to check it out!


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