2018 -- Intention

Feb 7, 2018

Well, we are now into month 2 of 2018 and it's time for me to get around to talking about goals for the year...
This one is going to be a bit of a crazy, whirlwind for me and the goals are going to be loose. But, we have a big goal setting meeting at work this week, so I'm taking extra time to sit down and focus on goals this week. I'm going to work to live my days with Intention -- I have got to be intentional and disciplined this year in order to get everything accomplished. I have a lot of exciting, new things going on that will require a bit of strategic focus. So far, so good. Now, let me break it down a bit--

This year my Main Focus is to --
+ plan a wedding (& honeymoon!!)
The Cattleman and I will be tying the knot on 8.18.18....That day will be here before we know it and we are so, very excited for this phase of our life as well as the ones to come! Bring. It. On.
But also, eekkk, send us any tips you have!

+ sell my house
we currently both own homes 50+ miles apart from one another..so, we've got to consolidate.. and you can't move a cattle herd into a subdivision so I'll be moving to the Cattleman's farm this year, which means, selling my home.

I also plan to --
+ count my blessings & share love --
this year will involve lots of love + gathering with family and friends -- I want to embrace all of that and be grateful of all I do have during this phase.
There are a lot of bittersweet moments throughout all of the wedding planning for me since I'm without my father & one brother...and life continues to be smattered with trials..but I plan to focus on love and blessings and embrace all the happiness life is sending my way this year.

+ try one new thing a month --
whether it's a recipe, a new restaurant, learning a new skill. I want to be mindful to keep exploring, learning and embracing local.

+ minimize --
selling a home and moving in together means getting rid of a lot of extra things..I'll be selling what I can and donating the rest and doing a lot of consolidating -- furniture, clothes, kitchen goods, decor, you name it!

Again, I want to live my days with i n t e n t i o n --  my word for 2018 - we will touch more on what that means to me later.

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