Life Lately - 0218

Feb 28, 2018

Hey all - it's been quite a while since my last Life Lately post, and that's a shame because I really enjoy writing these. So, let's chat ::

loving-- the growth of Freckled Hen Farmhouse - can't wait to see what they do with their new space
writing-- "our story" + wedding party bios on our wedding website
reading-- Grace over Perfection is on my nighstand
hustling-- at work to earn a promotion
packing-- non-necessary items at my house to de-clutter and prep to sell
booking-- up lots of vendors for the wedding
listening-- to wait - by Maroon 5 and would you love me - by Russell Dickerson
watching-- Grace & Frankie..but I just finished the last episode
logging-- daily gratitude in a journal (I've been going strong since October)
wanting-- a new pair of cowboy boots
selling-- items from my closet on Poshmark
re-branding-- this blog- launch TBD
eyeing -- I had been wanting a fixture like this for the Cattleman's house, and when it dropped to this price ( I got it for $61), I couldn't pass it up. This was my inspo pic for his space, and this is so perfect!
debating-- music options for our wedding
raving-- about Yo! Salsa - I tried it last weekend and loved it!
planning-- my cousin's bachelorette party in June!
wishing-- I was an air b&b host of a cute, cozy cabin in the woods (someday..??)

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