Wedding Talk - Florals Consult

Feb 27, 2018

Tonight I have a consult with a local vendor for my wedding florals. I have no clue what to expect but am supposed to go equipped with a few pictures. My mom went to high school with the lady who runs this local business, and we hear she's a really affordable local option. Looking forward to see what we walk away knowing / deciding.

My bridesmaids will be wearing emerald green dresses, so I want bouquets that will pop against that. I'm not certain how many florals I'll need for centerpieces, I'd liek to do as little as possible there to reduce some here are some images I'll be walking in with--

For me -- I am so, so drawn to this. Love all the cedar berries and whatever that deep red, drapey floral is.
For the gals--This look is similar to what I am targeting - they are wearing these dresses from Lulu's, and the shade of green is even deeper in person - which I LOVE!!

For the guys -- I like something very simple, like this.

For the tables we will be having old corrugated tin from the the Cattleman's family farm as the focal piece...each will be topped with a lantern (or maybe wood + old jars or terrariums) I plan to do a blend of things with lanterns being the most common piece...we shall see!

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