Refreshing Starts

Mar 12, 2018

New starts are a special blend of factors and feelings, am I right? They can be exciting, fun, refreshing, motivating, invigorating..and yet overwhelming, hard work, they can evoke a bit of fear or anxiety..such a blend! I think refreshing is the biggest factor. I love the idea of new starts and the excitement tied to them. This weekend I got to thinking about all the newness surrounding me in both my life and my friends' lives..
For me, the newness is being engaged, planning a wedding and selling my home. All big things! And things I feel so, very blessed to be experiencing. It's been such a fun time, full of love and happiness. But there is no denying there is lots of work tied to it all as well. This weekend's focus was on the house front. The Cattleman and I spent time on Sunday working towards cleaning + packing up a bit. Ideally we want to list my home this Spring, which means getting it in "list-able shape"..i.e. purging and de-cluttering a bit. So, for now we are packing up non-essential things to start moving and storing at his farm. It fells good to make progress on this big step, even though it's not noticeable yet. After I haul the boxes out this weekend it will be more apparent.

I'm constantly reminded to take one step at a time, focus on the now, and to not get overwhelmed by the big picture, because it's a lot. So, I'm doing what I can, when I can.

All the newness -- This weekend we went to Kara's baby shower and celebrated her and Baby H. Such a big exciting stage in her and her husband Joe's life. Welcoming a baby is definitely a big level of new and exciting, one I can't relate to, but know is full of so much love and happiness (well and a lot of hard work). Later I went to visit my friend Darcy in her new apartment in the Dogtown and it was such a cute, fun space. It reminded me of my time in my one bedroom flat in South City. I'm so happy for her and that she has this chapter in her life...I loved my first solo space (my flat in South City) and made so many great memories there. I definitely think living alone is a great chapter to embrace and use as an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. I found a sense of pride for solely providing for myself, and know this will be a great stage for her! My pal Emily and her family are moving out to the country (up the road from my Mom!) very soon and will be undergoing a lot of change themselves (including a new job she starts today). My cousin, Natalie, is getting married in July and her and her fiance will be closing on a home soon. Three of my closest pals have new last names and relationship statuses after getting married last year. It's pretty exciting to see all of this around me and I'm happy to see so many positive things occurring.

So, all of this is primarily to remind myself to embrace + celebrate the newness in my life and those surrounding me. To set goals, be intentional, take it a day at a time. To use what I have and do what I can. If you're experiencing new (exciting or overwhelming) things in your life, I hope you're having fun with it and taking it easy on yourself. If you do have new things happening, please share your stories with me, I'd love to hear!


  1. Thanks for sharing - its good to remember to stop and smell the roses and appreciate what is going on around you

    1. Definitely, and to not get overwhelmed by all the big (exciting) things


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