Sunday Stuff - 0311

Mar 11, 2018

It's Sunday - It's snowing - It's Cozy
I started my Sunday by sleeping in. Now I have iced coffee in hand with all the blinds open so I can watch the snow fall. Such a cozy way to end the weekend. Today I'm focusing on cleaning + packing. Lots of organizing and prepping to do to get this home listed in April. So, I'm enjoying my morning in my cozy living room.
I told myself once this jacket goes on sale at Old Navy I was going to snag it in camo. I have it in coral and love it. And they have 40% off today + free shipping over $ doing a bit of online browsing while I meal plan.. Then I'm off to motivate and get things done around here!

Here are a few of my top Old Navy picks --

Enjoy this Sunday of yours, folks!


  1. That jacket in camo is super cute!

    1. Right?! I have it in coral and love, hoping the camo works on me.


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