Wedding Update :: I bought a dress!

Mar 7, 2018

I knew looking for a dress was going to be a priority with having a shorter (read: 8 month) engagement, one of the things I needed to get around to early on in the process. I wasn't overly concerned because I know you can buy off the rack and such, but I didn't want to bank on that. My photographer recommended I check out Cleo Bridal and when I finally gave it a look I was so impressed with what I saw! A renovated farmhouse full of chic dresses - sign me up! The best part is that all dresses they carry are under $1,500.
I made an appointment and recruited my mom to come along with me. My main objective was just to get an idea of what worked on me and what I was drawn to. I didn't have any sort of dream style or designer.

February 10, 2018
We went in for our appointment and I was instantly captivated by all the farmhouse decor and details. I had to make myself focus on the dresses and not the decor, ha! Luckily my mom stayed focused and was pulling out some great options. We were both drawn to the same sort of styles for me.
I started trying on options and started narrowing down what worked on me and what components I wanted in a dress. We went back through the "yes/maybe" pile..and I was really in love with one I had been hesitant on at first. My mom told me it was the one she loved most all along and after I looked at the price tag and saw it was dramatically cheaper than the others and at my ideal price - I knew it was the one!

I debated on if I wanted to make the purchase then, or wait and come back..but ultimately decided there was no reason to wait or look any further. So, we made a deposit and ordered it up! Turns out I didn't have tons of time to wait as this won't ship in until June and my wedding is in August. So, I wanted to make it happen!
When I checked this item off the list it felt really good! I'm happy with my style, the price point, and how flattering it is.

My Mom and I then headed over to a local pub for champagne cocktails and lunch. It was such a great girls day with her. I'm glad I kept this to a mother-daughter process (unintentionally) and that it all worked out how it did.


  1. Congrats, girl!!! Such a special day!

    1. Yes, loved finding one + the memories tied to the day!

  2. Congratulations!!! So happy for you that you found the dream dress, and got to do it with your Mom :)


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