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Mar 8, 2018

My word for 2018 is Intention and so far so good on that front. I have been having more intentional days at work.. I've been working hard at the office and it's paying off, but some extra hours have cut into home time..So, one thing I do need to work on is balancing out that intention to have it at home & with personal fitness as well. One thing I'm trying to focus on is getting more sleep. Obviously it's a no-brainer that this is helpful. Last night I got great sleep and today I woke up and embrace my sunny morning with music, lemon water, dishes and setting out some more plant babes (I love pothos clippings). I definitely want a better morning routine as I am a night-owl and then fall victim to the snooze button. So, balance and intention will continue to be focus points.

We have a goal of listing and selling my home this Spring. We want to list in early April. I bought my home two and a half years ago and am so happy to have had the experience of buying a home on my own. I love having this space of mine and think it was a beneficial chapter in my story. There are still so many ideas for hosting + styling that I wanted to make happen there, but the end of that era has come, and I hope someone else enjoys the space and the details I did get to add.

I know I'm not alone in this, but I am so very ready for Spring. I love plants and playing around with landscaping and gardening. My mom got me a greenhouse to start growing seeds for now and I'm on the hunt for some to plant. I'm hoping I can talk the Cattleman into building me another raised garden or two for the farm. Until then, I'll keep playing around with indoor plants. Ty has a fun article on tips + plants to try. I love the faux greenery element to Liz Marie's entry shelf shown above,  I have a few items in my home and should likely add some more faux greenery elements. Her 3rd bag from the left is one I've been eyeing from Target. Now I want it even more. I'd really like to add some shelves like Natalie's once I move in with the Cattleman, he's got lots of wall space and tall ceilings, and I'll be needing extra spaces for all my plants #plantlady.

One thing I'd like to be better about is meal planning. I need to start setting aside time for this and creating a specific grocery list..currently I'm more in the habit of grabbing the same ol stuff. I meal prep things for lunch and breakfast, but dinner gets more willy nilly. When I'm cooking for two I'd like to be more when I saw this menu tablet on sale, I snatched it up. I love all the heart of the farm products and know this notebook will assist in my goal at better menu planning.

I've been loving all of Keira's style files...a real life look at daily outfits. I always love her approachable style and like a peek at life as a florist. I'd love to start taking daily outfit pics. Natalie shares cute ones occasionally on her feed..maybe someday..

So, there we have it..the first article on my thoughts on things...Enjoy this Friday eve, folks!

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