Friday Best

Apr 20, 2018

Hey there- thanks for popping in got the bests of the week. Friday. This week has been busy with to-do's and feelings of being overwhelmed...but I made it. I have dinner plans tonight and the Cattleman has a family party for us to attend on Saturday. Let's get on to this week's bests!

best memories -
a year ago today my cousin tragically lost her husband..thinking of her and her family today and remembering Alex and all the laughter he brought to any scenario he was a part of.

best happening -
the nest is live on the market!!!! such a relief to have the legwork of getting it list-ready out of the way, but I know there's still plenty of work ahead. we shall see what plays out.  I'll share more images from my home in a full post. maybe I'll be closing on it before home-owning anniversary 3 hits in July-my close day here.

best post -
speaking of homes & moving, did you catch my Back to my Roots post? That was a fun post to write and one I know I'll look back at often.

best party theme - blue jean baby
obsessed with that concept but mostly - that tablescape! love the rustic, DIY side of it and then the vintage touches. so well done! I especially love the thistle, that's going to be in my wedding florals!

best weekly finds - clothes / home / accessories
notes -- I really want some new jeans + Spring clothing...I bought that quilt & love (!!) it, that floor lamp is on our registry and I think I may add the table lamps, and I have been drooling over those platform Toms, so so cute.
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  1. Congratulations on listing your home! I bet it goes quickly! I loved reading your closing date post. I love how celebratory this process is.

    Ugh, such cute picks! That quilt is gorgeous and I love those Toms too.

    Have a great weekend with your man!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed that post, it is indeed celebratory, I hope you guys celebrate on your close date!
      That quilt could look good in your new home ;) I posted a picture of it in my room on Instagram last night.
      Enjoy your weekend as well!

  2. Praying your home sells quickly!! Homes have by flying off the market in our area! Good luck! <3

    1. I hope it sells quickly too! The market is moving fast here as well.


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